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Interview With Masatake Sumi Sensei


Masatake Sumi sensei – 8th Dan Kendo, Hanshi During the last kendo seminar in Ukraine Sumi sensei kindly agreed to answer our questions about kendo and his approach. As a result we have got about 20 minutes video of interview with Sumi sensei. Unfortunately for the interview quality, English is not my native language. So   …продолжить читать

Kendo Tips From Sumi Sensei


Last weekend (June 10 — 12) the 7th International Kendo Tournament “Kharkiv Cup” took place in Ukraine. Masatake Sumi sensei (8 dan, Hanshi) with a group of 7-th dan senseis from Europe hold the seminar. That was a great experience for everybody to learn from such a high level senseis. Unfortunately it is impossible to   …продолжить читать